Bayar Batjargal

Member Services Officer

Bayar is a Member Services Officer at APNIC responsible for Membership development and services. He is also one of the founding members of the MNNOG community, which was established in March 2019.

Before joining APNIC, he worked for Mobicom Corporation as a Department manager, Project manager, and IP network engineer for 17 years.

11:30-13:00 Conference

Conference 18th Sep

Technical Updates 1

  • State of IPv6 in Mongolia - Bayar Batjargal (Member Services Officer at APNIC)
  • IPv6 Deployment of Unitel - Munkhbat Gansukh (Manager of Data Unit at Unitel Group)
  • IPTV Router High availability - Munkh-Orgil Tarvaa (Senior Engineer at Skymedia LLC)
  • Fiber optic Project - Myagmarsuren Bataa (Manager of Support Team at Mobinet LLC)
  • Securing Internet Routing - The Puzzle Pieces - Tashi Phuntsho (Network Engineer and Trainer at NSRC)
  • On LEOs and Starlink - Geoff Huston (Chief Scientist at APNIC)