Munkhbat Gansukh

Manager of Data Network Unit | Unitel Group

I graduated as an IP Network Engineer from National University of Mongolia in 2013. Also, i hold master's degree in computer science from Ege University of Turkey. Worked as an IP network engineer and Senior IP network engineer at Unitel Group for about 4 years. From 2021 until now, i have been working as Manager of Data Network Unit at Unitel Group. About 7 years of experience in ISP's core network design, operation, implementation and planning etc..

11:30-13:00 Conference

Conference 18th Sep

Technical Updates 1

  • State of IPv6 in Mongolia - Bayar Batjargal (Member Services Officer at APNIC)
  • IPv6 Deployment of Unitel - Munkhbat Gansukh (Manager of Data Unit at Unitel Group)
  • IPTV Router High availability - Munkh-Orgil Tarvaa (Senior Engineer at Skymedia LLC)
  • Fiber optic Project - Myagmarsuren Bataa (Manager of Support Team at Mobinet LLC)
  • Securing Internet Routing - The Puzzle Pieces - Tashi Phuntsho (Network Engineer and Trainer at NSRC)
  • On LEOs and Starlink - Geoff Huston (Chief Scientist at APNIC)