Dave Phelan

Senior Network Analyst

Dave comes to APNIC having worked in the Australian ISP and MSP community for the last 20 years in roles as diverse as carrier transmission networks, to System Administration, to core, edge and customer networks. Having built a corporate ISP network from the ground up, he comes with an understanding of traps and pitfalls that most networks have, and do experience.

09.00 - 17.00 Workshop

Workshop 19-23 Sep

Network security and packet analysis


Network security is a broad topic that affects many aspects relating to end-users, applications, and infrastructure. The objective of this workshop is to examine key concepts, protocols, policies, and practices to protect data and assets from potential abuse.

The workshop will include packet analysis, a skill involving capturing live data over the network and analysing them for detecting network issues, monitoring potential misuse or intrusion attempts, and examining security problems.

Target audience

This course is targeted to network managers and operators, engineers and policy makers who are interested in network security and want to gain an understanding of security operations. The topics covered range from basic to intermediate level that aims to educate and challenge participants.


It is assumed that participants have a basic understanding of:

  • Network operations, Internet technologies, OSI reference model and TCP/IP.
  • Basic command line (CLI) skills.

Course outline

  • Intro to Security & Cryptography
  • Device & Infrastructure Security
  • Packet Analysis
  • Intrusion Detection
  • DDoS Attacks and Countermeasures
  • Secure Internet Routing
14:00-15:30 Conference

Conference 18th Sep

Technical Updates 2

  • Network automation & SOAR - Dashzeveg Baatartsogt (Information Security Analyst at Unitel Group)
  • OS upgrade by network automation tools - Batmagnai Erdene (Network Engineer at Mobicom LLC)
  • Open Source SD-WAN - Dave Phelan (Senior Network Analyst/Network Operations Trainer at APNIC)
  • Open source VPN with IPv6 - Anurag Bhatia (Network Researcher at Hurricane Electric)